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I have difficulties filling in the "Voluntary national target" section


This section of the reporting templates is a newly introduced reporting element and responds to the decision made by Parties at COP 11 (Decision 16/COP.11, para 15). When filling this section, any given affected country Party can choose only one of two possible options:

  • Option A: report on a voluntary national target, in the form of a particular percentage and/or an associated time line, which is consistent with the global target established for any given performance indicator;
  • Option B: report on any other national target, for which an open text field is provided.

To answer using option A, simply type a percentage and/or choose a time frame from the options provided. Choosing option A will disable the open text box provided for option B in order to avoid data entry errors.

To answer using option B, simply enter text accordingly in the open text field. Please note that for you to have this field enabled (and be able to type text in this field), you must clear any answer that may have been entered under option A, since it is not possible to use both option A and B to answer this section of the template.

In order to clear answers provided under option A, and depending on the particular indicator, you can:

(a) delete a percentage that has been entered using the "backspace" or the "delete" key in your keyboard;

(b) untick a tick box by left-clicking on it with your mouse while pressing the "shift" key in your keyboard:

(c) choose "cancel" under the "year" drop-down menu:


VNTcheckbox.jpg VNTcheckbox.jpg
VNTdropdown.jpg VNTdropdown.jpg
VNTperc.jpg VNTperc.jpg

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