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Information in the fillable PDF form is not saved (information disappears)


Information needs to be saved in the supplied PDF template before it can be submitted.

If you are experiencing problems saving your information in the PDF fillable forms, please make sure you follow all steps below:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader (version XI) installed on your computer.
    • If you do not have this, you can download Adobe Reader XI for your computer from the Adobe website.
  2. Create a new folder for "UNCCD Reporting 2016" on your computer, in a location where you can easily find it (for example on your desktop).
  3. Download the relevant template for your report from:
    • On the templates page, hoover your mouse over the link for the required template.
    • Right-click the link and select "Save Target as" or "Save link as" and choose the folder created in step 1.
  4. Open the file you just downloaded (from the folder on your desktop) in Adobe Reader XI.
  5. Fill out all the information available in the fields provided.
  6. Go to the "file" menu (top left) in Adobe Reader, and click "save as" and then select the folder you created for the UNCCD reporting 2016.
  7. To continue working on a report that you have saved to your computer earlier, simply open the file again using Adobe Reader XI and continue working on it.

Once the report is complete, and you have saved the final version on your computer, you can upload it to the PRAIS-2 platform, using the instructions and username/password provided to you.

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