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Why is the same question from CONS-O-13 repeated under CONS-O-14?


The wording of the final question of CONS-O-13 and 14 is the same:

Is your country planning to provide support to one or more affected country Party(ies) and/or subregion(s)/region(s) for the implementation of DLDDspecific capacity-building plans or programmes/projects?

Provide any relevant information on the size, scope, effectiveness and status of the initiatives implemented, or other complementary information as needed (e.g., plans for future support, major difficulties experienced, etc.)“

However, please note that this question is being asked in two separate contexts: First, in CONS-O-13 the question is broadly related to support provided for capacity building initiatives to combat DLDD, especially in relation to the national capacity self assessment. Following that, CONS-O-14 asks the question more specifically with relation to the establishment of integrated investment frameworks.

You are advised not to duplicate information for these sections, and try to filter your responses according to the context of the respective CONS.


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