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I have difficulties with all the abbreviations and acronyms used in the template. Where can I find a glossary? Article not rated yet
A glossary that comprises all acronyms used in the reporting template can be found under the "support tools" on the reporting page. See also:  
For some indicators the information is not available in my country. Can I skip those? Article not rated yet
There are no mandatory questions in the reporting template that would prevent you from submitting your report in case you decide not to provide information on them. However, please bear in mind that the CRIC will review information on the completeness of information provided and the more information...
I can't untick a tick box Article not rated yet
The reporting templates have been designed with a specific logic in order to both minimize data entry errors and improve the quality of the information provided by country Parties during the 2014 reporting exercise. For some questions (e.g., those requiring a Yes or No answer) once you chose to...
How do I report a Unified financial annex? Article not rated yet
Please note that the template for the Unified financial annex is integrated in the reporting template. On the template please refer to the "Financial flows" section. In order to complete a Unified financial annex, enter the "Identification code" and/or the "Name of the ...
Can I fill out the UFA's in Excel? Article not rated yet
Yes, an Excel template for the UFA section is available for download on the page with reporting templates. This Excel sheet can be uploaded when you submit your report. See also: Reporting templates

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