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Can I still submit my report after the deadline? Article not rated yet
Reporting entities that could not meet the deadline are advised that submitting reports is still possible through the online platform PRAIS-2. The UNCCD secretariat will assist this in order to ensure as complete reporting as possible. See also: Contact regional support Submit your report
Can I still make changes to my report after the deadline? Article not rated yet
Reporting entities who have already submitted their report are invited to consult with the RCU's and their regional consultants to continue to work on improving the quality of the submitted reports. Improved reports can also be uploaded after the deadline. See also: Contact regional support
Where can I find the submitted reports? Article not rated yet
All the submitted reports will also be available through the new PRAIS-2 platform. Additional knowledge management tools, such as search functions and other data mining tools, will be made available in the course of the coming months, and as part of the Global Support Programme. See also: PRAIS-...
Where do I find reports of my government that were submitted previously? Article rated 5.0/5.0
All previously submitted reports are available as PDF files on the PRAIS portal. Parties are encouraged to refer to previously submitted reports in order to ensure consistency in reporting and in the trend analysis.
Can I send a report that has not been validated by my government? Article rated 5.0/5.0
The National Focal Point is responsible for the communication between a Country Party and the various bodies and institutions of the UNCCD. As such he is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate validation of the report is done. Procedures for the validation vary in each country Party. Ple...
Is the NFP also responsible for sending in reports from accredited CSOs in their country? Article not rated yet
CSOs are invited to provide information on UNCCD implementation to their National Focal Points (NFPs) who in turn are expected to integrate this information into the report of your country. Validation processes at the end of the reporting process should help you to ensure that input from the civil...
I contributed to a project with another Country Party and/or the European Union or African Union. Do we all need to report on the project separately? Article rated 5.0/5.0
Yes, each reporting entity would be requested to provide information on the way it contributed to the project. If it is a programme or a project implemented at the subregional or regional level as part of the Sub-regional or Regional Action Programme, please get in contact with your SRAP or RAP...
I am not sure I filled in all information correctly. Can you review my report before I send it in? Article rated 5.0/5.0
The reporting process in 2014 provides you with the possibility to have your report be checked by the secretariat, but you need to know that the secretariat can only spot obvious mistakes and outliers because it has no access to the raw data from the national level needed to fill in the report. ...
Will all the information submitted by reporting entities be made available to the general public? Article rated 5.0/5.0
Yes, all the information you submit to the CRIC, as part of the reporting process, will be made available to the general public. Already submitted reports can be retrieved from this link and we urge Parties to refer to their submitted reports for reference while reporting. In addition to the...
Is there a possibility to add attachments to the adobe forms? Article rated 5.0/5.0
The Adobe forms do not provide you with the possibility to add additional information in the form of additional files to your report. The secretariat however has made available under each performance indicator a space where additional information (free text) may be inserted. Please feel free to...

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